2019 Class Schedule

Reiki 1 :

Jan 12 & 13, Feb 9 & 10, Apr 6 & 7, Jun 1 & 2, Jul 13 & 14, Aug 24 & 25, Oct 5 & 6,
Nov 2 & 3 and Dec 7 & 8.
daily 9am to 4.30pm – class fee $250*

Reiki 2 :

Jan 19 & 20, Feb 16 & 17, Apr 20 & 21, Jun 8 & 9 Jul 27 & 28, Oct 19 & 20, Nov 30 & Dec 1.
1pm to 4.30pm Sat & 9am to 4.30pm Sun – class fee $300*

(*$25 discount for students and concession card holders)

Proposed Schedule - Please check for additional weekend, mid-week, evening, teen & country classes.
Repeating classes – Repeat any class for only $25.

PayPal payments

For any of the following you can pay online by PayPal:

To register for any class or event, select from the following dropdown menu, and pay via PayPal.
Your registration will be confirmed and the event details will be emailed to you.

Reiki options:


These provide the opportunity to return, ask questions, and to deepen your practice:

Note - Reviews from 10am to 12.30pm. Please pre-register.


Residential Retreat

A whole weekend of Reiki treatments and relaxation, plus stimulating activities. Apr 12, 13 & 14 ; beachside villas at Shoalwater. Cost $180, limited places, pre-booking essential. Flyer & Program available March. please contact to register your interest. Please use PayPal 'Retreat payment' for registration or contact for payment options.



Classes in Sri Lanka during May 10 to May 27.

Annual Reiki Day

The 25th Annual Reiki get-together, June 30th. Program and registrations available late May. Cost $50. Register and pay via PayPal - Annual Reiki Day option - or contact for other payment options.

Sharing Groups

Solaris Cancer Care – Wanslea, Cottesloe - last Sat of each month: treatments from 12 noon, refreshments, then structured teaching session/meeting from 2.30 to 4pm.

Reiki Healing Line

This network of Reiki 2 practitioners sends Reiki to people in need. Please contact me for their assistance, or if you would like to participate by joining the line. This is a great Reiki service.


In a typical treatment session, the recipient lays fully clothed in a comfortable position.

During the session, the flow of energy is often experienced as warmth, but it may also be felt as a fine tingling, a tremor, or even a deep chill. Many people having a Reiki treatment become aware of tension dropping away, while the ever-chattering mind becomes still. This gives rise to a deep sense of peace and relaxation, and an overall sense of well being. On an emotional / spiritual level,it is frequently experienced as a feeling of love and joy, or a sensation of release as old emotional conflicts start to melt away.

It is important to note that unlike some forms of energy healing, Reiki does not deplete the practitioner of his or her own energy; on the contrary, as the energy is channelled the practitioner shares in it, and often ends the session feeling peaceful and invigorated.

Reiki is being practiced by more and more people all over the world. Many natural health practitioners have added Reiki to their usual treatment modality, while others use Reiki exclusively.

Anyone can learn Reiki, and experience the rewards of using it on themselves, their families and their friends.

* Experience an introductory 1 hour treatment for only $30 (almost half price).
1 hour treatments provided on request, fee $50.
A/H and weekend times may also be arranged.

Please contact us to book your appointment.

Introductory Treatment Special

Give your friends a first experience of Reiki, 1 hour @ $30.

Gift Vouchers

For classes or treatments – pdf vouchers available on request.

Voluntary Reiki

Practitioners will be invited to participate in a number of events throughout the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a diverse range of people and organisations. Email updates will advise prospective events and opportunities.


"Reiki Times" Newsletter

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Finally, should you require any assistance with your practice, please contact me.
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