Reiki is not so much learned, as passed on from the Reiki Teacher to the student.

Traditionally this is achieved by a combination of Teaching (discussions), Initiations (energy attunements), and Practical experience (treatments).

Reiki Hands

Traditionally, Reiki is taught at three levels:

1  At the first level, the participant is "tuned in" to the life force, which can then be applied to oneself or others. This energy is available for the rest of one's life, the more it is used, the greater the benefits. For many people, this 'hands-on' level of training is sufficient.

2 At the second level, three additional techniques are taught which enable healing energy to be sent over distance and time; to explore those hidden emotional/mental conflicts which often precede, or are the underlying cause, of physical illness; and to be able to focus and direct the energy. These techniques may be applied to oneself and others, and often lead to expanded awareness and deeper intuitive insights.

3 The third level of Reiki is that of the Reiki Master/Teacher. This is only intended for those who wish to wholly commit their lives to teaching and practising Reiki.

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Reiki Hands

After the Reiki course, the energy is simply turned on by placing the hands on oneself or someone else. This is not a matter of faith and does not require any particular beliefs.

Reiki classes are open to people of all ages and from any background.

General Class Information:

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WA Standards of Training

Reiki 1 Training

  1. That the class extends over two days, but not exceed four consecutive days,
  2. Includes four initiations/attunements,
  3. Outlines the history, lineage and precepts,
  4. Provides ample practice of self and others,
  5. Introduces the practitioners’ Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.

Reiki 2 Training

  1. Class extends over one and a half days or not less than 8 hours,
  2. Includes a minimum of 1 attunement/initiation,
  3. Provides 3 symbols and their applications,
  4. Includes ample practice of applications,
  5. Only offered after 6 months and/or a minimum of 30 hours of Reiki treatments.

Teacher Training

  1. Should be at least a one year apprenticeship,
  2. Include participation in many Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes,
  3. Based on clear agreement, which in part, precludes the new teacher from teacher training for at least 3 years,
  4. Only offered after 3 years minimum Reiki 2 practice.